Our Services

BRICKS HOMES INTEGRATED LIMITED is a company incorporated in Nigeria with expertise and strength in property development and civil construction business. It is positioned to handle medium, large and complex corporate transactions in property development and civil construction.

Company Overview

Sales and Marketing:
Using our wide property network, our clients can benefit from unrivaled global exposure and enjoy different choices. Our dedicated property sales and marketing team provide you with help and advice at every stage beginning from your very point of contact with them. Our website receives unique visitors daily, additionally all our properties are regularly advertised on the castle property magazine.

Independent Account for Re-Sales:
BrickHomes offers our clients transparent, secured, easy and effective ways to facilitate the transfer of ownership.


Real Estate Investment Consultancy:
Finding the right choice to meet high return on investment is our ultimate goal.The Real Estate market in Nigeria holds attractive opportunities to local, regional, and foreign investors, Working closely with reputable financial advisers, stock brokers and wealth management experts in selected countries we are able to approach and work directly with potential investors. We offer wide range of options from short, mid, and long term investments by creating diversified real estate portfolios.


Real Estate Portfolio Management:
We are offer a full scale service from creation to management of diversified portfolios. From buying of undeveloped lands, property purchases, property sales.


Property Development:
Property development is a distinct and separate field from property management. Developing a property requires a set of administrative and management skills involving which consists of material, labour, and project management. It needs developing building plans, getting approvals from the appropriate authorities, hiring and managing different work teams to get the project executed and delivered. It involves everything till the final completion of and handover of the project to the customer/client.


We can help by providing you Certificate of Occupancy of the property.